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Global Gold Mining Company

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case studies

Global Gold Mining Company


A mining company had a capacity improvement project needing timely completion but did not have the local experts or time to fully execute. This is where Unison + Renoir Consulting stepped in and created measurable bottom line benefits during the process.About the client: This company operates in three regions globally, with a target production of up to 620,000 attributable ounces of gold in 2022. It is also in the process of building a fourth gold mine which is expected to commence production in 2024.

Problem Statement

Client needed improved production and did not have the local staff and experts to focus on it and quickly improve.


The company wanted to improve the operations of its gold mine in South America, particularly the processing capacity of the mine (measured in tons per day). This involved managing the size of the ore at the different stages of the process. Larger-sized ores needed to be delivered by haul trucks from the mine, to achieve the very fine particle size required to recover the gold from the ore.


Based on our analysis and recommendations, the client implemented several improvements:The opening of the mine’s gyratory crusher was reduced by 25% from 6.0 inches to 4.5 inches.The opening of the secondary crusher was reduced to 1.5 inches.After being rebuilt, the apron increased its tested capacity by 30% to 1,700 tons per hour. This also resulted in a 10% speed increase of the feeder.As a result, tons processed by the crusher increased by over 30%, and the overall operations required less energy to operate. This reduced the client’s operational costs and resulted in a significantly increased gold production.

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