About us

Who We Are

Unison Mining Consulting, a unit of the Renoir Group, focuses on the global mining landscape and provides consulting services to mining and mined product processing companies.

In addition to our seasoned mining consultants, our team comprises former industry executives and specialists who have worked across the entire mining value chain. We have former Chief Operation Officers, General Managers, Master Mechanics, Planning Engineers, and Operators who are dedicated to our clients’ mine performance improvement.


We strive to optimize safe operations, maximize profitability, and drive sustainable growth for our clients.


To provide mine operators with strategic business intelligence needed to identify, quantify and prioritize value creation opportunities.

What We Do

Our team has been coaching, training and working with clients on a global basis for over 15 years, by helping them build momentum for mine transformation projects through a much more efficient and holistic approach. 

The very cornerstone of this is our teamwork partnership model. We work with your teams at the mine site level, to problem-solve your biggest operational challenges. Bringing our knowledge and experience, transformation tools and practices, data management and analytics, and a direct approach to success and recognition, our goal is to create a measurable positive impact in your mine performance.

At the mine pit, this might look like assisting in the process of pit design for roads, ramps, and drainage, or optimizing stockpiling, dilution control points, and direct feed blending. At the processing plant, we assist in maximizing the yield and recovery of minerals including gold, silver, platinum, copper, diamonds, bauxite or coal.

Fully Utilize Existing Data and Technology to Enhance Mine Performance

We have a technology-focused team that will work with you to enhance your current technology, fully leverage your existing data, or even program new apps alongside your teams to measure, deliver, and sustain results.

Create and Sustain Long-Term Impact with Enduring Behavior Changes

Our areas of expertise include operational readiness, organizational design, skills flexibility, performance-based incentive programs, HR and recognition programs, and inventory management. With our proven behavior methodologies in practice, companies can implement and sustain the changes made at every organizational level long after project closeout.

Drive Sustainable Growth and Navigate Regulatory Changes

With growing regulatory challenges in the industry, we also focus on helping mining companies navigate ESG transformation and compliance, safety, procurement and supply chain issues, and end of mine life closures and reclamation – securing long-term investment prospects and creating stakeholder value.

Meet our team

This is just a sample of our teams helping mines achieve success on a global basis.

  • Ernesto Canales

    Senior Global Analyst & Managing Director LATAM

  • MSc. Marco A. Murillo

    Mine Operations and Mine Planning Consultant

  • Patricio Mendez

    Mine Planning Project Manager

  • Ricardo E. Del Castillo Martinez

    Senior Business Management Consultant

  • Sergio Aceves

    Senior Consultant

  • Dorin Torrico


  • Pierre Felter


  • Jesus Minjares

    Global Vice-president of Operations

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