Overall Equipment Effectiveness Improvement

Maximize the potential of your equipment to boost ROI and reduce inefficiencies
Maximize the potential of your equipment to boost ROI and reduce inefficiencies

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Improvement


Maximize the potential of your equipment to boost ROI and reduce inefficiencies

Finding and retaining skilled personnel, such as equipment operators, maintenance technicians, and process engineers, is growing more challenging in the mining industry. Consequently, this shortage of skilled workers can impact the ability to operate and maintain equipment effectively leading to premature wear and tear. Many mining companies also have aging equipment that is at, or nearing, the end of its ability to meet performance requirements.

The complexity of operations with interconnected processes and equipment also means that equipment malfunctioning or breaking down can have a domino effect on mining production, profitability and throughput because of increased downtime.

Modernizing or upgrading equipment is a significant investment that many operations cannot bear. Before considering the purchase of newer equipment, it is imperative to maximize those resources already onsite. With the effective use of predictive maintenance technologies, real-time data and monitoring, OEE can be optimized and the life of the equipment significantly extended.

Key Client Challenges:

  1. How can we effectively monitor equipment performance and downtime to identify areas for improvement in OEE?
  2. What strategies can we implement to reduce unplanned downtime and increase equipment availability?
  3. What are the best practices for implementing predictive maintenance to prevent equipment failures and extend equipment lifespan?
  4. What technologies, such as IoT and automation, should we consider to enhance OEE in our processing plant?
  5. What role does data analytics play in improving OEE, and how can we use data to make informed decisions?
  6. Are there specific training and skill development programs that can help our workforce operate and maintain equipment more effectively?

Mining companies are increasingly integrating new technologies such as IoT sensors, automation, and data analytics into existing mining operations for predictive maintenance. For example, predictive analytics is being used to estimate ore quality and composition before processing, allowing adjustments of parameters in real time for optimal equipment utilization.

While this presents an array of opportunities for mining companies, a cultural shift needs to take place alongside adoption of these new technologies – one where employees are encouraged to continuously identify and address inefficiencies. A proactive mindset such as this among the workforce is essential for sustained improvements in OEE.

At Unison Mining, our subject matter experts work together with your team to develop the processes, controls and systems to allow better oversight over equipment management and processes – enabling faster response times to issues for sustainable OEE improvements.

Lacking data to validate or support key business decisions

Lack of knowledge to define a cohesive business or data strategy

Low speed to market and trouble adapting quickly to customer and market needs

High operational costs due to lengthy data processing times


Stockpile Management

Install controls to reduce risks associated with stockpiles including waste buildup.
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P80 Sizing

Ensure material being sent from mines to the processing plant can pass from grinding to milling efficiently and economically
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Advanced Control Rooms

Gain a bird’s eye view of process plant operations with effective utilization of visualization technology.
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Overall Equipment Effectiveness Improvement

Maximize the potential of your equipment to boost ROI and reduce inefficiencies.
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Recovery Improvement

Maximize mineral recovery by improving material handling and separation efficiency.
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Energy Optimization

Reduce energy costs and meet sustainability regulations with reduced energy consumption.
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Shutdown Management

Plan shutdown and turnaround frequencies, durations and intervals with realistic risk planning.
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Line Management

Improve line management through behavior training and coaching for enhanced worker productivity.
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Grading & Gauging

Oversee grade control to ensure that ore sent to the processing plant is of the right quality. Calibrate sensors and instruments effectively for plant operation monitoring.
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Data & Analytics Strategy

Develop a strategy to fully utilize data and analytics for processing efficiency and higher recovery rates.

Throughput Improvement

Minimize resource wastage for improved throughput and financial performance



Our mining experts have experienced first-hand the day-to-day complexities and issues that arise at the mining face, giving them a higher level of understanding and insight to meet your challenges.

Practical Solutions

By implementing level-appropriate transformation tools, our behavioral and cultural change methodologies, data management, and analytics, our goal is to create a sustainable and positive impact on your mining operations.


We go beyond strategy to offer a direct and measurable approach to success. Our commitment extends to delivering real business outcomes and helping your team sustain those changes for the long haul.

Improve overall equipment effectiveness to boost plant ROI and recovery.

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