Line Management

Train and equip line managers effectively to promote new ways of working
Train and equip line managers effectively to promote new ways of working


Train and equip line managers effectively to promote new ways of working

Effective communication between line managers, workers, and upper management is critical for smooth operations in mining. However, various challenges with this communication can arise, particularly in large operations between shifts – especially surrounding crew changes. To enhance processes and decision-making, continuous channels of communication between workers, line managers and upper management are key.

Line managers must respond to an array of production, safety, and cost issues, and thus need to be provided with the necessary information, processes and systems to respond appropriately to these challenges. Providing them with training and development opportunities is also essential to keep them up to date with industry best practices, technological advancements, and safety protocols.

By establishing effective feedback mechanisms, incentives and KPIs to promote buy-in for new ways of working, and introducing the technology and tools they need for optimized processes, line managers can act as agents of change within mining companies.

Key Client Challenges:

  1. What training and development programs are available to improve the technical skills and leadership abilities of our line managers?
  2. How can we ensure that our line managers are up-to-date with the latest industry best practices and technological advancements in mineral processing?
  3. What tools and technologies can we provide to our line managers to help them make data-driven decisions and optimize processing plant operations?
  4. Are our performance metrics and KPIs aligned with our organizational goals, and do they effectively measure the performance of our line managers?
  5. What strategies can we implement to improve communication and collaboration between our line managers, workers, and upper management?
  6. How can we foster a stronger safety culture among our line managers, and what steps can be taken to ensure that safety protocols are consistently followed?
  7. What channels can we establish for regular feedback from our line managers to gather their insights and suggestions for process improvements?

While introducing data analytics and automation tools in processing plants is a good first step to simplify processes for line managers, this technology also requires them to learn and adapt to new ways of working as well, as they begin to promote these new processes and systems to other workers.

To effectively meet resistance to these changes, clearly defined KPIs and performance metrics need to be implemented for line managers which align with organizational goals, creating ease of performance tracking. At Unison Mining, our subject matter experts can work closely with your teams to instill sustainable behavior changes that are essential for full adoption of technologies and new processes.

Lacking data to validate or support key business decisions

Lack of knowledge to define a cohesive business or data strategy

Low speed to market and trouble adapting quickly to customer and market needs

High operational costs due to lengthy data processing times


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Our mining experts have experienced first-hand the day-to-day complexities and issues that arise at the mining face, giving them a higher level of understanding and insight to meet your challenges.

Practical Solutions

By implementing level-appropriate transformation tools, our behavioral and cultural change methodologies, data management, and analytics, our goal is to create a sustainable and positive impact on your mining operations.


We go beyond strategy to offer a direct and measurable approach to success. Our commitment extends to delivering real business outcomes and helping your team sustain those changes for the long haul.

Create agents of change for your organization’s processes with empowered line managers.

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