Digital Twins

Create virtual replicas of mining assets to simulate scenarios and processes with minimal risk
Create virtual replicas of mining assets to simulate scenarios and processes with minimal risk


Create virtual replicas of mining assets to simulate scenarios and processes with minimal risk

Digital twins are becoming invaluable in the mining industry for their potential to assess different processes and scenarios virtually, all while mitigating risk. By creating virtual replicas of mining sites, engineers can now simulate extraction scenarios, assess potential risks, and optimize layouts for maximum efficiency, optimizing the entire mine planning and design process.

Virtual replicas are even being created for equipment, such as trucks, excavators, drills, dozers, crushers, and mills. As these equipment digital twins are fed with data from their physical counterparts, real-time monitoring of their condition and performance allows operators to predict potential failures. Maintenance can then be scheduled more accurately before breakdowns occur, cutting downtime and saving costs.

This ability for digital twins to test different scenarios without impacting actual operations can be applied in a myriad of ways across mining processes. For safety training and emergency preparedness, virtual environments can be created for employees to train for various hazardous situations, including mine collapses or fires.

Key Client Challenges:

  1. What are the potential cost savings and efficiency improvements that digital twins can bring to our processes?
  2. What data do we need to create and maintain accurate digital twins of our mining equipment and processes?
  3. What are the challenges of adoption and limitations associated with deploying digital twins?
  4. What skills are required to develop and maintain digital twins effectively long-term?
  5. How can digital twins enhance safety measures and emergency response protocols in our mining operations?

With the enormous potential that digital twins bring to the mining industry, the necessary systems, processes and controls will need to be set into motion within an organization to successfully implement this technology.

Our experts at Unison Mining can work with your team to identify the biggest opportunities your company can reap from digital twin technology, the organizational processes and KPIs needed for successful implementation, and facilitate the training needed for employees to drive full adoption of the technology.

Lacking data to validate or support key business decisions

Lack of knowledge to define a cohesive business or data strategy

Low speed to market and trouble adapting quickly to customer and market needs

High operational costs due to lengthy data processing times


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Digital Twins

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Simulate mining processes virtually to mitigate risk with digital twin technology.

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