Dispatch Optimization

Streamline dispatch operations & processes to reap the full ROI of your systems
Streamline dispatch operations & processes to reap the full ROI of your systems


Streamline Dispatch Operations & Processes to Reap the Full ROI of Your Systems

Dispatch systems, when properly installed and leveraged, can provide a bird’s eye view of your mining process in real time. However, that ‘eye in the sky’ can be partially blinded for several reasons.

One possible issue is that your mining lease or footprint may have expanded beyond what was anticipated at the time the system was installed. Another concern may be that most mining operations are in remote locations around the world, where access to the internet is unreliable or where extreme weather can interfere with transmissions.

These conditions are frustrating, and many sites question if the information and effort is worth the return on these systems. The answer is a resounding “yes”, and most mining leaders would agree. However, operations and workflows need to first be optimized to fully leverage the data captured by these systems.

Key Client Challenges:

  1. How do we convert dispatch data into meaningful, actionable information?
  2. In what ways can dispatch data be used to drive daily performance reviews?
  3. How do we identify bad actor equipment using dispatch data?
  4. How do we analyse cycle times and traffic pattern analysis for on-site improvements?
  5. How much authority should dispatch operators be given versus reporting to a supervisor or superintendent?

Key Indicators in Dispatch Operations

Instead of reaping the desired ROI for the dispatch system, lacking the necessary processes and tools to drive the technology could instead be costing your company. At this point, you may even be questioning the effectiveness of the dispatch system and whether it is truly worth the investment.

However, before you consider purchasing a new system or upgrading the one you currently have, here are a few indicators that your existing system could be underutilized:

  • Conflicting numbers presented in performance reviews
  • Multiple sources of data when preparing monthly or quarterly reports
  • Imbalanced equipment resources
  • Disagreements regarding the amount of equipment required
  • Failing to recognize performance differentials between new and ageing equipment
  • Difficulty aligning outcomes to short/mid-term mine planning
  • Difficulty releasing equipment for scheduled preventive maintenance events

How Unison Mining Can Help

Unison Mining has developed the first real-time methodology for dispatch operations in the industry. We use a proprietary methodology that delivers real-time information customized for various organizational levels (Supervisor, Superintendent, Captain, Area Manager, or General Manager).

It all happens within an app that works on any iOS or Android smart device. Our dashboards deliver information in the moment or summarize performance by shift, day, week, or month. Contrast performance by area, by shift, or by equipment number, and continuously compare performance to plan for any interval of time on-site.

Lacking data to validate or support key business decisions

Lack of knowledge to define a cohesive business or data strategy

Low speed to market and trouble adapting quickly to customer and market needs

High operational costs due to lengthy data processing times


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Streamline dispatch operations & processes to reap the full ROI of your systems

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Streamline dispatch operations & processes to reap the full ROI of your systems
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Our mining experts have experienced first-hand the day-to-day complexities and issues that arise at the mining face, giving them a higher level of understanding and insight to meet your challenges.

Practical Solutions

By implementing level-appropriate transformation tools, our behavioral and cultural change methodologies, data management, and analytics, our goal is to create a sustainable and positive impact on your mining operations.


We go beyond strategy to offer a direct and measurable approach to success. Our commitment extends to delivering real business outcomes and helping your team sustain those changes for the long haul.

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