Real Time Controls

Implement real time controls for improved mine productivity
Implement real time controls for improved mine productivity


Implement real time controls for improved mine productivity

Real time controls, or the practice of splitting work shifts into short intervals of time, leading to higher production rates and better resource utilization for mining companies. This practice is based on ensuring shift leadership is in the work areas, at a prescribed interval, to actively hunt for schedule variance.

However, to fully reap the benefits of this practice, data must be scrubbed, and in many cases reconstructed to take this next step in operational control. Implementing real time controls requires the integration of vast amounts of data sourced from equipment sensors, geological surveys, dispatch systems, employee inputs and operational reports.

Despite the initial challenges in constructing real time controls, it provides a unique competitive advantage whether the focus is on cost reduction or increased throughput. Unison Mining works closely with your team to develop your existing processes and systems to take this next step.

Key Client Challenges:

  1. How can implementing short interval controls in our processes improve mine performance?
  2. What equipment sensors, geological data and operational reports are needed to effectively introduce short interval controls?
  3. How do we maintain accuracy and reliability in our data to ensure short interval controls are implemented correctly?
  4. How do we manage changes in routines and processes, which may encounter resistance from employees?
  5. How do we set up our real-time monitoring and reporting mechanism such that we can make timely data-driven decisions?
  6. Are there best practices for implementing short interval controls in specific mining operations such as underground or open-pit mining, or mining in a particular location?
  7. What are the specific KPIs we need to monitor when implementing short interval controls?

Unison Mining is leading the industry in the use of real time controls. Using our approach, performance data is stratified by organizational level and shared in real time to any smart device, allowing for faster decision-making and identifying performance deviations. With Unison Mining’s technology, built-in triggers can be set up within an organization’s processes to escalate issues quickly.

Lacking data to validate or support key business decisions

Lack of knowledge to define a cohesive business or data strategy

Low speed to market and trouble adapting quickly to customer and market needs

High operational costs due to lengthy data processing times


Operational Goal Setting

Set defined and objective goals for each team and department to align expectations and assess performance.
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Root Cause Management

Diagnose underlying problems, errors, and deviations within your mining processes using root cause analysis.
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Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy consumption to comply with environmental regulations and reduce costs.
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Finance & Budgeting

Set up budgeting and cost controls to weather fluctuating commodity prices and operating costs.
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Real Time Controls

Monitor and oversee mining operations in real time by leveraging automation technology.
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Contracts & Contractor Management

Select and manage contract service providers with tactful negotiation and performance monitoring.
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Unit Cost Management

Control for costs associated with the delivery of a unit of a mineral or metal.
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Issue Escalation

Provide issue escalation systems to workers to allow timely resolutions and avoid disruptions to mining operations.
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RACI Project Management

Foster accountability at all levels by leveraging RACI project management
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By implementing level-appropriate transformation tools, our behavioral and cultural change methodologies, data management, and analytics, our goal is to create a sustainable and positive impact on your mining operations.


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Leverage short interval controls to stay adaptive to market conditions.

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