Pierre Felter


Pierre Felter


Pierre Felter


Career and Academic Background

Pierre Felter has 15 years experience in different value adding positions as a consultant & Manager in the following sectors: Mining & Metals, Oilfield Services/Oil & Gas, Strategic Intelligence/Corporate Investigations and Business Risk Assessments. Client relationship building and strong analytical skills. Pierre provides analytical assessments on inadequate and sub-par operational processes based upon on-the-ground acquisition of data regarding working practices, uncompetitive logistics and inefficient actions, and Strategy implementation advice.

His skill set includes strong experience in confidential investigations and evaluations of clients’ competitors in connection with identifying and verifying M&A opportunities.

He also provides discrete scoping and troubleshooting, including on-theground market intelligence and due diligence. Experienced in operational and organizational management.

Pierre has handled substantive sensitive client files on projects in the UK, France, Belgium, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Lesotho, Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, UAE and KSA. His experience in a great variety of sectors is an unusual asset for Renoir’s clients. Pierre considers essential that the client’s own departments are persuaded of the benefits from recommended changes.

Pierre’s background and ability with client engagements typically results in him engaging positively with all levels of leadership structure in a positive manner. This, in turn has a positive impact of achieving agreed, required changes. Pierre has worked on the above matters in the named sectors in several European, Middle Eastern and African Countries. And he has a MSc. In Economics (Cardiff University, UK) and a BA in Economics (The University of Manchester, UK).


  • Cause and effects analysis
  • On-the-ground data acquisition and analysis
  • Dysfunctional/impaired systems evaluations
  • Efficiency optimization

Languages: English, French and Arabic

Significant Experience


  • Essakane (IAMGOLD). Implemented, faster, safer, and more precise receiving process in warehouse for spares. Identified and decreased delays in the international ordering and delivery process and including implementing SIC.
  • Sierra Leone: Improving processes for a nascent artisanal gold mining operation.
  • Liberia (ArcelorMittal). Confidential investigation on behalf of security risk company regarding anti-fraud and anti-terrorist processes

Oil & Gas

  • UAE (Sovereign Fishing and Remedial Services LLC) Stepping in as troubleshooting acting GM to investigate severe financial and operational problems, discovered and rectified fraud perpetrated on the Company, clawing back over US$2 Million.
  • Belgium (Diamant Drilling Services) Improved quality control documentary processes and invoicing system, reducing average debtor-days by over 50% and improving cashflow by over US$3 Million.
  • UK – Worldwide (Sovereign Oilfield Group plc) Board expansion strategy, evaluation, and implementation for Algeria, UAE/GCC, and Belgium.
  • UK (Maxwell Downhole Technology) Changing dysfunctional R&D processing and budgeting systems, improving manufacturing and delivery times to clients.

Utilities and Services

  • (Nighthawk Consultants) Confidential investigations for a client wishing to merge with 1 of 3 different targets in the banking sector. Investigated and evaluated the 3 target banks (in Dubai, Tunisia, and Lebanon), provided a clean bill of health for one of the target banks.
  • Negotiating the provision of electricity by a Dubai electricity company in Sierra Leone, abandoned because of Ebola virus.


  • (Reco Surfaces) Feasibility study and negotiations for major UK specialist tiles and plastic mold designing and manufacturing company regarding expansion in Nigeria and JV in the UAE.
  • (OIL Middle East) Managing/overseeing the whole setup process for an oilfield services manufacturing facilities in the Abu Dhabi. From leasing of land and wharf rights to construction and provision of special high-performance electricity and manufacturing systems and equipment (including industrial cranes and 6 manufacturing sheds).

Corporate and Investigations

  • UK – Worldwide (Nighthawk Consultants). Founder of the company and managing teams of consultants on a case-by-case basis in the named sectors.