Change management for miners, by miners

We are expert mining consultants who work with your team and technology to optimize the mining value chain.

Our mining experts have spent years in the field and understand the day-to-day complexities at the mine site. Our expertise spans the complete mining value chain, and we collaborate with your team to solve challenges within your mining operations and with your critical vendors.

While change management and operational excellence is the core of what we offer, we also work to optimize the utilization of your existing technology and systems to improve costs and productivity.

Our end goal isn’t just a plan or strategy. We work shoulder to shoulder with your team execute and sustain change for the long haul with the right tools, methodologies and behavior training.

Unison Mining Consulting

Our Approach

We focus on long-term impact and behavior change

Our process brings a change not only in cost savings and production volumes, but a change in the culture, behavior and satisfaction of your team. Our teams are in the field daily to coach and train our clients’ teams on new behaviors, which helps to sustain process changes long after the project's closeout.

We analyze data to improve processes

With real life experience in mine planning, operations, maintenance, processing, and leadership, our experts understand both the daily and long-term challenges of operations on-site. They work to analyze your site's performance data, identify the correct indicators, and formulate a plan of action for change.

We instill a culture of change and success

We adopt a holistic approach that melds our knowledge with your team's expertise to build a culture of change. This is a collaborative and continuous process of improvement, which involves reviewing your existing data and technology to optimize your operations for maximum profitability.

Close collaboration with your team

Our subject matter experts, who have dedicated their careers to change management in the mining industry, will work closely with your team to build customized solutions to solve your biggest operation challenges.

We enhance your existing technology

Instead of overhauling systems and starting from scratch, our approach is to work with your existing technology to allow it to be fully utilized. By setting the necessary processes and behaviors in motion to enhance the performance of these tools, your team can maximize ROI, cost savings, and mine productivity.

Global reach

With their vast experience in the field, our local teams speak the same language as yours, but also share an understanding of the common challenges of operating a mine.

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